If you have never heard of slow scan TV, it is simply transmitting a picture over amateur radio frequency.  Mike Falls, N5LQV, has started a SSTV net on Monday night at 8:30pm on 147.285.  It is alot of fun and something else to learn about our great hobby.     For more information see ARRL website.  

The software is available at https://hamsoft.ca/pages/mmsstv.php.  Caution!  Do not google the software and click.  Who knows what you’ll get.  Please download from the link above.  

It is simple to setup.  To Receive, simply connect the speaker out from the radio to the sound card of the computer.  To transmit, push the PTT button and hold the mic to the speaker.

There are multiple HF bands that you can receive pictures.  But the fun part is receiving a picture from the ISS!!  This is not a typo!  The International Space Station actually does SSTV!  How cool is that!!