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I am excited to announce that the D-Star is fully operational.   

The new frequency is:
RX. 440.100
TX. 445.100
This is a positive 5 MHz offset.

Make sure it is set to DV not FM.  
I have uploaded a list of repeaters in CSV format for the ICOM 5100 and ICOM 51.  This list is ready to be imported.  This is different than programming the memory channels.
  The FSARC D-Star repeater is included in these files.

There are very good tutorials on programming you radio on YouTube.  They are about an hour long.

https://youtu.be/-iqpgtq7ct8          https://youtu.be/XTUuIQKdkJ0         https://youtu.be/e673BnPwnL8

An alternative to a D-Star compatible radio is the DV3K Voice Dongle. The great thing about the Dongle is that you can take it with you as you travel.  This device is plugged into your USB port of your computer.  You can talk around the world using just a headset with microphone! The advantage is that a radio operator who holds a technician license is now able to talk long distance.  This will appeal to the younger generation who are computer savvy.   Amateur radio does have something for everyone!

Traveling somewhere that doesn’t have a D-STAR repeater?  Not a problem!  If you live or travel outside the range of the Texarkana repeaters, you can still take advantage of D-STAR using DVAP.   The Digital Voice Acces Point is a small USB tranceiver that interfaces to your computer then connects to the D-STAR network. Your D-STAR radio transmits to the DVAP which then takes your traffic and sends it out over the D-STAR network.  So take your own personal D-STAR repeater with you!

Here are some quick links to vendors who sell the radios. There are just a few who carry the DV Dongle.


In order to take advantage of the digital features, the D-STAR device has to be registered with the D-STAR system.  However, a D-STAR radio can also be used with any analog repeater, like Texarkana’s 146.62.  So for your next radio purchase, make sure it is D-STAR compatible then you will have both worlds!


The Shreveport club has graciously allowing us to register with their system.   The registration is a 3-step process.

To help with the registration process, here is a good website  Thanks to Dallas ARC.  Do NOT use the gateway in the instructions, use the one below at Minden.

1. After you receive your dongle or a radio, plug it in to the USB port of your computer,  open a browser to Minden, LA Registration Gateway, click on New User / Register.  Enter all the information.  Forward the YouTube video to around  2:20.  You may ignore the beginning because you already have a link to the registration / gateway website.

2. I will need to approve your registration, so email me at KF5VWN@duck.com or text to alert me of your registration.

3. After I have approved your registration, I will notify you that it has been approved.  You will need to log-in to the gateway a second time and complete the final step.   There are several fields that need to be completed on the Personal Information tab.  You will need to watch the video to see what information is needed.  Forward the YouTube video to around 4:30 to see how to complete the final step.

After entering your information in the required fields, you will need to wait for about an hour so the registration can populate around the world.

If you would like to see who is talking on D-STAR goto http://www.dstarusers.org/.

Please NOTE:  If you have already registered with any gateway, do NOT register again.  If you don’t remember if you have, you can check here.