4SARC Circle 4x4x72The Four States Amateur Radio Club, 501(c)3 organization, was established in 1977 in the twin cities of Texarkana, TX/AR.  Our club is organized to promote good will and fellowship among the members, and to render a public service during impending severe weather, disaster relief operations, and other community functions as required. Our repeaters are open to all licensed amateur radio operators, and they are encouraged to engage in our QSOs. Our club is made up of all types of individuals, young and old, from varying backgrounds, engaging in a variety of operating modes, and we welcome everyone’s participation. Please use our web site as a tool to get to know us, and to explore the fun amateur radio can be.  We look forward to hearing you on the air!

For more information about joining the club, contact any of the officers below.

AF5JR Steve Rogers President roy745 AT yahoo com
KF5VAE David Glenn Vice President dglenn1044 AT aol com
KF5VAS Anita Nettles Treasure nettles AT aol com
N5TXK Robert Ward Director
KE5ZHF David Jackson Director ke5zhf AT arrl net
N5YEV Jason Spivey Director Jason AT texastools com
WB5BYV Clarence Shilling Trustee clarencie AT cableone net
KF5VWN Arthur Christy Skywarn Director kf5vwn AT windstream net
N5ITN Robert Bailey Secretary n5itn AT windstream net